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For Metaloplastika a.d., a historic company with roots tracing back to 1960, we crafted a contemporary website design that reflects its rich legacy, diverse production, and core values. Anchored in the principles of quality and open communication, our design showcases their expansive product range while celebrating their commitment to innovation and employee well-being.

The Challenge

Metaloplastika a.d., established in 1960, has evolved from being a part of renowned institutions to standing strong as an independent entity since 1991. Our challenge was to encapsulate their storied journey, extensive production categories, and profound business principles into a cohesive and engaging website design. From highlighting their expertise in the automotive sector and propane-butane gas tools to showcasing electrical installation materials, we aimed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview for their diverse clientele. Beyond their products, it was crucial to shed light on Metaloplastika’s foundational values: delivering top-tier quality, fostering open communication, and emphasizing the importance of their workforce. The resulting design is a blend of past legacies with present-day aesthetics, resonating with both long-standing partners and new visitors, encapsulating the essence of a company that values tradition while relentlessly pursuing future innovations.